Tools of my Trade

My rainbow drawer of coloured papers

Anyone who makes collage has to be a bit of a magpie, collecting bright scraps of this and that, glittery things that catch their eye. There is unexpected treasure to be found in things that other people might throw away. I find myself acquiring stamps,  sweet wrappers and pages from advertising brochures for their interesting patterns and colours, storing them in plastic folders according to colour. Sometimes the range of colours, patterns and textures in the folders themselves are so pretty that I hardly want to use them up; sometimes if I don’t know exactly what I want to draw, it’s a colour that drives the theme. I love my drawer of coloured papers. It’s a bit nerdy, I know, but there are worse vices….

Black and white and read all over
Delicious blues of all shades
Luscious green papers and scraps

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