Lovely light

I love these lighter mornings, sun glowing through the bedroom curtains   and no need to switch any lights on. It’s still chilly but his morning I went out without needing gloves, and for a little while I even took my coat off! And there are bright yellow baby daffodils and purply blue miniature irises in my window box – the colours of springtime. I love this promise in the air, the scents of greenery and knowing that there are warmer, brighter days ahead.

Sheffield collage a

I’ve been making some spring flower papercuts to hang in my window and now a Flora, goddess of Springtime, to go with them. Here she is laid out on the rug before hanging up; have not planned this design at all, it’s just taking shape in a very ad hoc way! I think I’m going to add some more green leaves to make it really spring like. What do you reckon?

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