I did it My Way…

Regrets…I’ve had a few...” and yes, frankly I would have preferred to avoid amazon as the publisher for my recent memoir but as a first time author navigating the choppy waters of self-publishing, it was difficult to find a better alternative. For all its ills, amazon does have an international reach which means that people all over the world can find out about the book and easily order a copy, and all purchases generate royalties which I am then able to donate to charity.

Sheffield paper artist Melanie Pearson "Les Fruits de Mel"

However…it would also be nice to have the option to sell copies directly through my shop on this site (and throw in a few of those personal touches too that you wouldn’t get by ordering through a multi-national corpocracy ) so the plan is to do that in the very near future.

If you are interested and would like to pre order a copy, or have any comments or queries, please do get in touch via my contact page here.

Further updates coming very soon! As well as more ART! There’s a new cat story taking shape on the back of an envelope that will soon become Love Cats 2. Autumn is a time for new creative endeavours, after all.

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