Just Do It.

However creative you are, there are these times when that blank page stares you in the face and you can’t think what to draw, or write. Today has been one of those times. While walking, at the swimming pool, on buses, in the middle of the night, my head is bursting with ideas. And now I sit looking at the white page and don’t know what to say, where to begin.     The writer’s version of tackling this is to set a timer for five minutes, or three, or two, and just start writing. Write about what you see in front of you, noises from the street, the tickle of your woolly jumper against your neck.  Just start.

So I sit at my desk, look at the things in front of me and my wall of postcard inspiration, photos, and love. 










And I make a quick little sketch of the flowers. It’s amazing how, once you start, starting often seems to be the hardest part. It takes so little. Memo to self: Just Do It.

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