Feng Shui

Yorkshire Feng Shui

no-nonsense tips for putting your house in order


Having trouble organising your home or work space? Want to make some changes in your life?

Perhaps I can help.

I’m Mel and I use the ancient art of Feng Shui with a northern twist.

Feng Shui is Chinese for “Wind and Water” and although this is the most well known system for organising your living space, humans in every culture have used similar systems to find harmony with their environment.

I became interested in Feng Shui in the 1990s and discovered for myself what a powerful system it was as I applied the principles in my own house.

Yorkshire Feng Shui?!

Yes! Because in the days when it was super trendy, I noticed that a lot of people had bought books on Feng Shui and were trying to incorporate the ideas into their homes using things that were very specifically Chinese and not necessarily suited to our own times and culture.

It’s got to be relevant to your everyday life and understanding if it’s going to work for you.

My practice takes simple principles, based on the Form School of Feng Shui, into modern day use to produce beneficial – and often magical – changes in the way you live and work.

I’ve trained with Chinese Taoist masters and Tantric Buddhist teachers as far afield as Sydney, Dharamsala and Leeds. I have studied the traditional systems and learned a little of the arcane arts of Flying Star and the LuoPan compass, but when all’s said and done I’m from Yorkshire and I believe in tea, sympathy and common sense.

But I’m also an artist and collector, with a shelf full of vintage teapots and far too many books. My practice is very much geared to a Western culture, to our individual quirks and everyday surroundings.

I use these teachings as a background for helping people move through changes they want to make in their homes and lives.


You might be reading this because you’re interested in interior design, or you’re looking for ways to make some part of your life better, or maybe you just want to know what secrets your living space reveals about you.

Join me on a journey of exploration and we’ll find out together.