Faces are easy to draw when I want to make something but can’t think where to start. So a lot of these are variations on a theme but quite often they end up taking on a life of their own…

Original art by Sheffield artist and illustrator -Melanie Pearson
Collage and mixed media with Indian beads and hand painted paper. The green Moroccan print on the right is the wrapper from a bar of cardamom chocolate given by a dear friend, so this always reminds me of her.
Collage art by Melanie Pearson
The eye is Shakespeare’s, from a found exhibition flyer, for some reason that and the red lips reminded me of Miranda Richardson playing Elizabeth I in Blackadder. Do you see the likeness or is it just me?!
Goddess. Playing with a stained glass window effect; I was so keen to see how this worked that you can see the pencil markings that I was too carried away to rub out! Now they are part of the piece.