And back to the drawing book

My 3D dreams are still in the pipeline, but perhaps it’s something to do with the changing seasons, shorter autumn days and contracting energy; all of a sudden I got the pull to draw figuratively again – literally, I found my fingers just twitching to hold a pen and draw some lines.

I’m a bit out of practice! But it is fun to sit at a cafe table or stand at a bus stop, observing and making some quick scribbly sketches. What’s more, it feels playful in a way that I’d forgotten about, perhaps because it is so small scale. It’s funny because I’ve so much been needing to make bigger work lately and imagining it in larger scale spaces, and now suddenly the opposite. I want the smallness and intimacy of decoration and to fill a sketchbook page with close knit images. The big difference about this sort of work is that it’s not collaborative and not so easy to share on a larger scale, but closer to a zine. The drawings below are half travelogue, half fiction, telling a story…I’m not yet sure what story, or if there even is one, but stick around and perhaps this will unfold.

Sheffield paper artist Melanie Pearson "Les Fruits de Mel"
Barca Taxi

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